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English! Let’s go Shopping

So for real, the step is go shopping! Also for real, is this toy shopping cart on loan to us. The batteries are dying in it and for some reason all that it says (in a British accent) is “English! Let’s go shopping!” Lol!! I have no idea why this is or where this toy originated from but it cracks me up every time my baby plays with it. It’s time to take everything you have made note of in the previous step and put it to good use. You should now know what gaps you need to fill in your cluster(s), flattering colors for your skin tone, and approximate sizes. You should also have that goal from step one...

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Red Lipstick Lady

S o I have been thinking a lot about what my next post should be about. I keep a list in my phone of ideas and topics I would like to discuss. There is one idea however that just keeps popping into my head as it hovers near the beginning of said list. The item on the list says ‘red lipstick lady’. I often go makeup free but whenever I want to feel a bit more confident and add a punch to my look, I put on red lipstick. Every time I do this, I briefly think about something I came across many moons ago. Years ago I read an article (I thought it was in one of my teen...

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