English! Let’s go Shopping

So for real, the step is go shopping! Also for real, is this toy shopping cart on loan to us. The batteries are dying in it and for some reason all that it says (in a British accent) is “English! Let’s go shopping!” Lol!! I have no idea why this is or where this toy originated from but it cracks me up every time my baby plays with it.

It’s time to take everything you have made note of in the previous step and put it to good use. You should now know what gaps you need to fill in your cluster(s), flattering colors for your skin tone, and approximate sizes. You should also have that goal from step one in mind to make appropriate decisions.

I have written about this before but it’s crucial to remember the size on the tag does not measure your self worth! Do not get discouraged by that tag. I honestly cannot wait until Amazon Prime Wardrobe increases its selections substantially for Canadians, as this would work quite nicely into this step!  If you do plan to shop online, arm yourself with your most accurate measurements, and make sure you look at the sizing charts. Much like the brick and mortar stores, sizing is NOT standardized. You may be a size 10 in some brands and a 6 in others, it is really that far off the mark. Your biggest investment should be in the cluster you wear the most, and on pieces you reach for the most. If you find yourself grabbing jeans and a blazer the most often, look into buying higher quality as they will last longer. Buying something that you feel awesome in every time you wear it is considered a form of self love. When in doubt do the shopping math. Sometimes a $20 item that you’ve worn twice costs more in the long run compared to a $50 item you’ve worn 10 times.

Lastly for this step I would like to encourage shopping second hand. Fast Fashion is the #2 polluter in the world next to oil and gas. Olivia Wilde is the latest celebrity to be dipping her toe into second hand clothing via her “Choose Used” clothing collaboration with fashion resale site ThredUp. Do your part if you can and shop second hand, consignment, or even do clothing swaps with your friends! I have yet to do a clothing swap myself, but I have been known to shop second hand from time to time.

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