A Lesson for Mamas: 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping

There are three important things all moms should keep in mind when shopping, (lists of what you have and what you need in hand!), and I have outlined them below. In addition to this I am constantly asked where I shop, so I have included a short list of stores as a suggestion of where to find items that follow these guidelines.

  1. Be Practical. For example, a lot of designers are incorporating lingerie as everyday clothes on the runway. A bustier looks cute on a supermodel paired with jeans, but I cannot think of any everyday moms that are wearing this to Gymboree! It is important to buy clothes you can move around in while chasing the kiddos, running them to play dates, errands etc.
  2. Versatility. As busy moms on the go, we don’t have a lot of time for wardrobe changes. It’s easiest if the base outfit stays the same and things like a blazer or jacket, shoes, and other accessories can be changed to go from day to night. Unless of course you are covered in sticky handprints! Which brings me to the next item on the list…
  3. Keep it affordable! Let’s talk about sticky fingers and runny noses! Moms are often human napkins and tissues and many a shirt or other item gets stained. It’s always nice to know your kid didn’t just ruin your designer clothing. By all means splurge! Just be sure to save those items for a date night or night out with the girls.

Stores to Consider

Nordstrom Rack – This is one of my favorite stores to shop in when we are travelling to the US. I always seem to find good deals, and I am less likely to see other people wearing the same thing.

Saks off Fifth – This is another favorite of mine when shopping close to home. Both Nordstrom’s Rack and Saks off Fifth allow me the opportunity to buy nicer things with a steep discount. (Especially if you take the time to raid the sale and clearance sections!) This lets me stay true to my sense of style while not breaking the bank on clothes my baby is definitely going to make a mess of.

The Bay – I love The Bay!! It has been a constant go to for me in all kinds of phases of my life due to the different price points and broad variety of available brands and designers. There is literally something here for everyone! They have a really extensive website as well which makes for great online shopping.

Walmart – Believe it or not, a few moms I follow on Instagram have been buying some really cute pieces at Walmart! I have never really had much luck here myself (I have long legs, AND a long torso so I am harder to dress), but I thought it might be worth mentioning. Style doesn’t always have to cost a fortune! If you happen to be in the USA, a great alternative to Walmart is Target. I know Canadians go crazy for American Target. I believe Canadians can now order off of Target’s website, but I am not sure what shipping and the return policy look like.

I am sure there are many more places that are missing from this list, but I find a department store eliminates my need to wander the mall endlessly in search of something. I don’t have a lot of time for shopping these days so buying everything in one place is more suitable for my current lifestyle.

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